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Can you do anything about the temperature in the Main Library?

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The heating and ventilation in the Library are controlled centrally by Estates and Buildings. We do not have an air conditioning system as such – the fans you can hear in the ceiling are ‘air handling’ units which provide a flow of fresh air throughout the building. The problem you report could be as much to do with draughts from these fans, if you are sitting just beneath one, rather than the actual temperature. You would probably find that there are other areas in the Library where you could sit which are warmer, so you may find an immediate improvement just by moving desks to another location.

However, the University energy policy states that we shall provide 20 deg. C in the Library and where this is not provided the necessary remedial action will be considered to resolve the problem.

Some time ago the speeds of some of the fans were reset to try to alleviate the problem of drafts.   As you can appreciate there is a regulatory requirement to provide a minimum amount of fresh air through the ventilation systems.

Can you please advise staff if there is a room or particular area where you frequently sit and find it cold?

We apologise for the fact that you are finding it uncomfortable.

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