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Why do my author names display incorrectly in EndNote?

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EndNote displays author names in Word documents according to the referencing style chosen. To ensure that your author names display correctly, take care when typing them in or exporting them from databases. You can use the ‘First Name Surname’ or ‘Surname, First Initial’ formats (e.g. Paul Smith or Smith, P.) but certain rules apply.

Multiple authors need to be entered on separate lines within the Author field in your EndNote library. For example:

Thompson, B.
Reynolds, F.

Multiple authors on the same line will be treated as one author name and display incorrectly in Word. Separate them using the Enter/Return key.

Corporate authors, organisations and official bodies need to have a comma after them in the Author field. For example:

Dundee United Football Club,

Without a comma, EndNote will try and display the name in the Surname, First Initial format (Club, D. U. F.).

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